RAMAR Communications and DirecTV Reach an Agreement Allowing FOX and The CW Programming to Resume in Lubbock

After seven long months of negotiations, DirecTV has finally reached an agreement with Lubbock TV stations to reinstate Fox channel 34 and The CW. Brad Moran, president of Lubbock-based RAMAR Communications and general manager of FOX 34, said both side realize it was important to viewers to move forward. “The viewers, as we’re kind of lining up for the NFL this fall, it’s important… as ‘The X-Factor takes off,” Moran said. “And really what we see as most important is our four hours a day of local news in the morning and hour of prime-time news every night that the DirecTV viewers will have access to.

Now viewers in Lubbock can catch up on all the great Fox and The CW programming that they missed during the short break. Here is a preview of tonight’s episode of Nikita on The CW called ‘Falling Ash’. While investigating an old corrupt Division program, P9, which seems to have resurfaced, Nikita and Michael run into Owen. He tells them he is searching for Dr. Joseph Mars, who is the mastermind behind P9, but also invented the Regimen and could help Owen wean himself off the dangerous drug. Michael is hesitant to trust Owen again but Nikita decides the three should join forces. Percy demands to see Alex. Aaron Stanford and Melinda Clarke also star. Don’t miss is tonight at 8pm on The CW. To learn more about what’s available to you in your satellite TV programming package visit us at Connect Nationwide or call (855)626-8452.